What is Single origin tea?
Tea that comes wholly from one specific region. Coupled with the processing of tea leaves, how the tea trees are grown plays an integral role in its quality. A combination of factors like soil, climate and geography come together to make unique single origin tea as opposed to blends that are a combination of various teas produced in different regions. 

Exclusive to a single garden, single origin tea is free from any flavour fluctuations, thus considered premium. 

Are your teas organic?
Our teas are not certified as organic yet, but we are working on it. However, they are chemical free and there is a large section in the garden dedicated solely to keep their purity intact. 

Are the flavours in your tea natural?
Yes, all our teas are 100% natural. We don’t believe in adding artificial flavours or colours.

Do you also sell your teas in wholesale?
Yes, we have been selling them in wholesale for years now. They have been huge favourites in auctions. Hence, it was time we shared the love with all you wonderful people too. 

Do you have retail stores?
We have a cozy little tea shop right outside the garden premises. It is located on NH-31, with Sukha Nadi as the landmark. 

Is your tea served in cafes or restaurants?
Our teas are not served in cafes or restaurants, yet. But they will be served in a restaurant in Calcutta from Second Flush this year. More details on that coming soon.

Do you offer cash on delivery? 
Yes, we do offer Cash on delivery when you order on Amazon.

Is there a minimum order that needs to be placed?
No, you can order as little or as much as your heart desires. 

How long does an order take to deliver?
Our Estate is situated in the mountains, and we send our teas from here. Shipping might be slow, but ensured. Orders will reach you within five to seven days in India and ten days to two weeks for international orders from the date of the dispatch. Good things take time! 

Please note that due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the delivery time for your purchases may get delayed. We assure you though, we are ensuring your orders are dispatched and reach you at the soonest during this time.

Do you ship outside India?
Yes, we do ship internationally. Shipping is standard.

Where is the estate located?
It is located in the heart of the Dooars. The Dooars is also known as ’The Forest Trail’. Admire the picturesque landscape, rich flora and fauna and dense forests with wildlife, trailing tea gardens and flowing rivers, interwoven with patches of quiet or busy settlements. 

Do you offer a homestay?
Yes, we offer a homestay that includes fresh, farm to table meals and diverse experiences. Bird watching, tea trails and walks, make your own teas, are some experiences we thoughtfully curate basis our explorers’ interests. For more information/ personalised itineraries, please reach out to us at washabarieretail@gmail.com

Is there an airport pickup and drop facility available?
Yes, please reach out to us in advance to arrange airport pickup and drop.