The Estate that makes us

Our tea garden is enveloped by lush forests dating back to over a hundred years. With a keen interest in social forestry, over the last decade, we have planted over 200 acres of indigenous trees.

With the aim to leave the planet healthier for the next generations, several sections of the garden have been converted into chemical-free, bio-sections. This helps bring superior, garden fresh, single-origin tea to a wider community. 

Going back to basics, homegrown, organic ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and pepper are handpicked as blends for our teas. We grow our own produce so all can enjoy the fruit of their labour with a farm to table experience.

Our love for the people
Being a people-first company, the health and well-being of our employees is our priority. Their hard work is the reason we all sit back and savour our cuppa through the day.

By providing all our permanent workers fully equipped houses, we strive to make their lives better. Women employees take front and center in our family of over a thousand people. Washabarie houses all its workers and to meet all their needs at the estate, we have two schools, a hospital and two crèches. 

Our love for the region

Being an active member of the community, we aim to give back to the region and its people by creating employment opportunities and increasing green cover for a healthier life. 

In addition to that, rituals and prayers are carried out at the plantation before harvesting begins. Festivals celebrating friendship, cultural unity and nature make up the very essence of people’s livelihoods and through our estate, we keep these local traditions intact in the region.